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Gfi executive directorbruce friedrich presenting on plant-based and cultured meat at ted

Watch Bruce Friedrich’s TED Talk on plant-based and cultivated meat

GFI CEO and Founder Bruce Friedrich explains how new forms of meat production can help address some of the greatest global challenges of our time.

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State of the Industry Reports

Our State of the Industry Reports offer a deep dive into the key technologies, business developments, and scientific advances propelling the industries for plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-derived meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy.

Aerial photo of lush green forest

Environmental benefits of alt proteins

How eco-friendly are plant-based and cultivated meats? Explore their climate impacts and resource requirements relative to conventional meat.

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Year in Review 2022

In 2022, GFI expanded our global student movement to 36 total universities, influenced the Israeli and UK governments to declare alternative proteins an R&D priority, and collaborated with the government…

State of global policy report 2022 cover image

The State of Global Policy on Alternative Proteins

Our annual State of Global Policy Report tracks public investment in alternative proteins and showcases the actions governments took to position themselves as leaders in the field.

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Securing government funding

Government support will accelerate the growth of alternative proteins. Learn how GFI works to secure public funds for alternative protein research.

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A global protein transition is necessary to keep warming below 1.5°C

Learn why alternative protein innovation is crucial to meeting the Paris Agreement temperature target and how we can accelerate progress.

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Plant-based retail market overview

Explore sales data for plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products in the U.S. retail market. Find key category insights, size, sales growth, and purchase dynamics for the plant-based industry.

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Events calendar

See all of GFI’s past and future events and webinars, alongside a curated selection of alt protein industry events.

Meet our experts

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Bruce friedrich

Bruce Friedrich


Bruce Friedrich serves as GFI’s chief thought leader and relationship-builder, working in close partnership with GFI’s global teams and food system stakeholders around the world.

Areas of expertise: alternative proteins generally, GFI’s global programs and strategy, bicycling in heavy traffic.

Liz specht, ph. D.

Liz Specht, Ph.D.


Liz Specht oversees GFI’s Science and Technology department to build a roadmap for accelerating alternative protein research while empowering scientists to execute on this vision.

Areas of expertise: plant-based meat, fermentation, technical analyses, forecasting and modeling, synthetic biology, public speaking.

Jessica almy, j. D.

Jessica Almy, J.D.


Jessica Almy, J.D., leads GFI’s Policy team in setting legislative and regulatory strategy to promote fair policies and public research for plant-based, cultivated, and fermented foods.

Areas of expertise: regulation, legislation, science and public policy, public health, environmental law, food policy.

Caroline bushnell

Caroline Bushnell


Caroline Bushnell leads GFI’s Corporate Engagement team in their work with companies and investors around the world to accelerate the alternative protein industry.

Areas of expertise: food industry, alternative protein ecosystem, market trends, consumer insights, CPG marketing, emerging industry opportunities.

Mirte gosker

Mirte Gosker


Mirte Gosker leads GFI Asia Pacific as managing director, accelerating the markets for plant-based and cultivated meat through research and innovation.

Areas of expertise: entrepreneurship, business strategy and development, project management, people management, philanthropy.

Gus guadagnini

Gus Guadagnini


Gus Guadagnini leads GFI Brazil, building partnerships with many of the world’s leading meat and agricultural companies.

Areas of expertise: Brazil, plant-based proteins, entrepreneurship, startups, strategic planning, project management, marketing.

Nir goldstein

Nir Goldstein


Nir Goldstein leads GFI Israel, pushing plant-based and cultivated meat innovation in what is often called “Startup Nation.”

Areas of expertise: food tech entrepreneurship, business strategy and development, policy, intellectual property.

Richard parr, mbe

Richard Parr, MBE


Cultivated chicken cut on a salad from above


Cultivated meat media kit

Cultivated meat can transform our global food system. Get the latest updates on this game-changing alternative to conventionally produced meat.

Salmon lox on a bagel

Access our alt protein photo library

Looking for the perfect shot to illustrate your alternative protein story? Our photo library contains product images available for use from cultivated meat companies.

Our latest media statements

An image of cultivated meat, cultivated chicken on a plate

GOOD Meat and UPSIDE Foods approved to sell cultivated chicken following landmark USDA action

UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat received landmark grants of inspection from the USDA, allowing them to sell their cultivated chicken products in the U.S., marking a decisive moment in the…

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New GFI State of the Industry reports highlight untold stories and transformative potential of alternative proteins

2022 saw a record number of new companies join the fold, unprecedented government support, and a continued expansion of alternative protein products hitting the market.

A photo of cultivated chicken by good meat

GFI celebrates FDA’s second greenlight to a cultivated meat company in a matter of months

GFI experts respond to FDAs “no questions” letter issued to GOOD Meat, marking the first time a cultivated meat product has received regulatory approval on multiple continents.

Upside foods chicken salad

Historic FDA decision: Cultivated meat “greenlit” in U.S. pre-market review

GFI celebrates milestone FDA decision, which paves the way for consumers to purchase meat cultivated directly from animal cells in the U.S. for the very first time.

Looking up through legislative building columns at sky

Arkansas Court Blocks Unconstitutional Meat Label Censorship Law

GFI, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the ACLU have secured a court order that finds an Arkansas food label censorship law unconstitutional and permanently blocks enforcement of the law against…

Field at sunset

New frameworks raise the bar on sustainability transparency of meat

FAIRR and GFI launch new first-of-their-kind reporting frameworks for alternative meat, seafood, eggs and dairy companies to reveal their climate, biodiversity, nutrition and other ESG impacts.

Amazon rainforest_climate change_biodiversity_impact investing

IPCC: Plant-based and cultivated meat can play a critical role in halving global emissions by 2030

GFI calls for increased public funding for alternative proteins as the world’s top scientists recognize that agricultural innovation — specifically plant-based and cultivated meat — mitigates climate change, delivers co-benefits…

Regulatory framework for cultivated meat

Court Rules Louisiana Label Censorship Law Unconstitutional After First Amendment Challenge from Tofurky

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana has granted a motion for summary judgment, halting enforcement of a labeling law in favor of Tofurky.

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National geographic

Is your favorite plant-based milk good for the planet? Here’s how they compare.

GFI’s Pri Panescu on the environmental benefits of plant-based milks.

Https://gfi. Org/wp content/uploads/2023/01/news thenewyorktimes

Lab-grown meat receives clearance from F.D.A.

GFI’s Dr. Liz Specht on what the FDA’s historic decision means for the cultivated meat industry.

Npr logo

FDA gives safety nod to ‘no kill’ meat, bringing it closer to sale in the U.S.

GFI’s Bruce Friedrich spoke with NPR’s Allison Aubrey for a piece on UPSIDE Foods and cultivated meat coming to the U.S.

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Meat grown from fungus? It could save the world’s forests.

GFI’s Dr. Liz Specht explains how eating meat made from microbes could stave off half the world’s deforestation — but at a certain point, the land-saving effect is diminished.

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How alternative meats could help save the planet

GFI’s Bruce Friedrich and Energy Innovation executive director for strategy and policy Anand Gopal argue that the climate community must back (and governments must implement) strong policies in support of…

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Cultivated meat as a tool for fighting antimicrobial resistance

GFI’s Claire Bomkamp on how antibiotic use in livestock and aquaculture production is driving resistance to medically important antibiotics.

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Climate-friendly diets can make a huge difference – even if you don’t go all-out vegan

GFI’s Caroline Bushnell speaks to the importance of changing the way meat is made rather than relying on consumers to reduce their meat consumption to combat climate emissions.

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Food giants can help put alternative meats on everyone’s table

GFI’s Emma Ignaszewski explores the benefits of big meat and food companies getting involved in alternative proteins.

The scientist

Removing the animals from lab-grown meat

GFI’s Elliot Swartz explores the progress scientists have made in cultivating meat directly from the cell without the need for animals, specifically animal-derived serum for cell growth.

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