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Getting started: Laying the foundation for a strong student group

This guide will help you navigate the early stages of running your student group. Follow these steps to jump-start your new organization, build leadership skills, maximize your impact, and keep your group operating effectively.

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Building alternative protein courses and majors

Students can play an essential role to accelerate the creation of alternative protein courses, majors, and other programs at their institutions. This resource guide takes you through the steps of increasing access to alternative protein education, both within and beyond your university.

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Stimulating open-access alternative protein research

Students are often the keys to igniting open-access alternative protein research on campus, which is critical to accelerating our transition to a sustainable, secure, and just protein supply. Learn how to help student and faculty researchers secure funding, do high-impact alternative protein research, and more.

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Catalyzing alternative protein entrepreneurship

Starting companies that address key commercial whitespaces and bridging the chasm between basic, scientific research and commercial reality can ensure alternative protein research realizes its impact beyond the lab. This resource guide will take you through the steps to start your own high-impact alternative protein startup and commercialize university research. 

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Generating awareness and excitement about alternative proteins

At most universities around the world, people are only just beginning to learn about plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation technologies. Students can catapult the alternative protein field forward by simply igniting awareness where it wouldn’t otherwise unfold organically. Learn how to run events, conferences, and other awareness-building initiatives that energize students, researchers, and administrators around opportunities in alternative proteins.

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Creating an inspiring, inclusive alternative protein community

Reimagining our protein supply will require innovators from every discipline and all walks of life to come together and explore career opportunities around alternative proteins. Dive into this resource guide to learn about building and running an inclusive, vibrant, and long-lasting community for students and researchers.

Share what you learn

If you used this resource hub to increase your university’s activities in alternative proteins, we’d love to hear about it! Sharing your experience will inspire others to bring alternative protein education, research, and innovation to their institutions. We can help tell your story through our blog, or we can amplify existing articles and blog posts on social media.

In our continuous effort to improve this resource, feedback is always welcome. You can also use this form to share additional templates and tools created by your team; we will add these to our hub of resources for student-movement builders with proper attribution! Please feel free to share student and researcher testimonials, impact statistics, and general tips and tricks for accelerating alternative protein ecosystem-building efforts on campus.

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Meet the authors

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Christina Aguila


Christina works with GFI’s university innovation team to support student groups around the world via the Alt Protein Project. If you would like help growing the alternative protein ecosystem at your university, please reach out to Christina. You can also share student testimonials or helpful tips for our global community of alternative protein ecosystem-builders.

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Amy Huang


Amy Huang oversees GFI’s efforts to transform universities into engines for alternative protein research and education.

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Connect with us

If you would like help growing the alternative protein ecosystem at your university, please reach out to the Alt Protein Project team. You can also share student testimonials or helpful tips for our global community of alternative protein ecosystem-builders.


Additional helpful resources

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Solutions Database

Explore startup ideas, commercial opportunities, research projects, and investment priorities throughout the alternative protein supply chain.

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Alternative protein curriculum repository

Check out our open-access repository which holds curriculum materials from alternative protein courses around the globe.

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Alternative protein course database

Our alternative protein course database maps educational programs focused on alternative proteins and their enabling technologies.

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Research grants

Learn about cutting-edge alternative protein research funded by GFI. Find funding opportunities for your own research.

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Research funding database

GFI’s research funding database provides curated grant opportunities for open-access alternative protein research.

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Collaborative Researcher Directory

Use this directory to find scientific collaborators in the alternative protein field.

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Company and Fundraising Database

Explore the landscape of plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation companies including consumer brands, manufacturers, and ingredients companies.

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Learn about planning, launching, and growing an alternative protein startup, from idea to product development, and commercialization.