We are developing the roadmap for a sustainable, secure, and just protein supply. We identify the most effective solutions, mobilize resources and talent, and empower partners across the food system to make alternative proteins accessible, affordable, and delicious.


A world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative.


  • Believe change is possible We bring determination and informed optimism to our work because we know a better food future is achievable.
  • Do the most good we can We focus our time and resources where they will make the biggest difference in order to maximize our donors’ support.
  • Share knowledge freely Good data, good science, and good strategy have the biggest impact when they are available to everyone.
  • Act on evidence Our strategy is grounded in data. We make decisions on the basis of research and the industry insights our experts uncover.
  • Invite everyone to the table We foster an inclusive, collaborative work culture. With the same spirit, we bring together a wide range of partners to advance our mission.

Our theory of change

Alternative proteins like plant-based and cultivated meat offer a better way to feed the world.

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A flooded conventional animal farm | Image courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur


Current meat production is unsustainable and inefficient. It is a key driver of climate change, environmental degradation, and antibiotic-resistant disease. 

Yet, these facts have not sparked significant behavior change: People are eating more meat than ever in the United States and around the world.

Close-up of 2 burgers on a plate
Impossible Pork | Image courtesy of Impossible Foods


We can produce meat from plants or cultivate it from cells more sustainably and efficiently. This will mitigate climate change, environmental degradation, and the rise of antibiotic resistance. 

We will make more progress by changing the default choices than by trying to change every single person’s mind.

Our difference

As a nonprofit, GFI is uniquely positioned to accelerate alternative proteins and support the entire space.

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We share knowledge freely.

In a field where many innovators are seeking proprietary solutions to the same set of problems, GFI’s research, data, and insights are open-access and support the advancement of the entire alternative protein space.


We focus where others are not.

GFI advances high-impact, tractable solutions in areas where too few people and too few dollars are working.

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We take a big-picture perspective.

Our approach crosses the cultivated meat, plant-based, and fermentation industries. We take a long-term view and work around the world, across the supply chain, and with the public and private sectors.

People in a circle holding soil and seedlings in their cupped hands, top view

How we’re funded

GFI is 100 percent powered by philanthropy. Our progress is only possible thanks to gifts and grants from our global family of donors. 

People around the world support our work because, together, we can transform our food system to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation, feed our planet’s growing population, and secure a food supply that decreases the risk of zoonotic and antibiotic-resistant diseases. 

Alternative proteins are how we feed the world — sustainably.

Our areas of focus

Green algae cells representing science and technology concept


Explore the science of plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-derived meat. Discover research ideas, funding opportunities, and open-access tools.

A close up of a gavel on a wooden desk, representing food policy concept


Learn why alt proteins offer solutions to the issues that governments want to address. As a nonprofit, we advocate fair policy and public funding.

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Find market opportunities, open-access resources, and tailored guidance for producing and selling alternative proteins.

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GFI around the world

Alternative proteins are a global solution to global problems. In addition to the United States, GFI works where we can have the greatest possible impact on our global food system: Asia Pacific, Brazil, Europe, India, and Israel.

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Meet our team

GFI’s global team of scientists, lawyers, lobbyists, business experts, and analysts work with partners around the world to build a better food system. Our advisory councils include corporate leaders and top academic researchers. Our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and passions are among our core strengths.

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“GFI’s research grants are enabling fundamental open-access science. That, in turn, enables scalability and an ecosystem approach to accelerating this space in ways the private sector alone cannot.”
Portrait of lavanya anandan
“GFI has really put cultivated meat on the map for us. We’re grateful to have GFI’s team of scientists analyzing the areas of need in this burgeoning industry and driving conversations about how existing players can become partners in progress.”
— Lavanya Anandan, Merck KGaA 
Eric christianson
“Without GFI and the corporate engagement team, we would be two, three years behind. Hats off and thank you very much for being such an incredible part of our success.”
Lou cooperhouse, bluenalu
“GFI, their white papers, their publications, and all the work they do on policy has created such awareness. That GFI goes across all these categories and now is expanding globally — it has made the difference in this industry. We’re very thankful for all of GFI’s work.”
— Lou Cooperhouse, BlueNalu
Headshot bazerman
“GFI is at the center of a new movement to change the way the world eats. The organization is making a positive impact on government policies, corporate research focus, and the world of food science. I am proud to be part of the GFI community”
— MAX BAZERMAN, Harvard Business School 
Beth zotter, cofounder & ceo, trophic, usa
“GFI’s support was the catalyst that allowed us to go from an idea to proof of concept. The grant funding, mentorship, and networking support from GFI has been invaluable and enabled us to achieve the crucial first steps in bringing a brand new alternative protein source to market.”

What are alternative proteins?

Given how essential alternative proteins are to a global protein transition, the term itself needs to be universally understood, on the tip of more tongues, and at the top of more agendas.

An illustration of alternative protein production methods.
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Join the alt protein field

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